Clinton, Money and More

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The river water below was whipping up white caps and the gray clouds above were moving northward up the river’s course. My dog was pulling ahead tightening the leash. I could see the eighty year old man sitting on the bench. He was reading a magazine but his head moved up from the page he was studying as I approached.
“I missed you last week, I said approaching him.,”
“I had to go to Washington on some business.”
My dog went into his stretch out and settled his head lowering into his outstretched front paws.
We talked aimlessly for several minutes about the arrival of Spring and the appearance of greenery in the trees and surrounding shrubbs.
“Interesting things have been happening here. Were you tuned into the New York Primaries election returns. Trump, Clinton and the others.”
“Yes, the pursuit of power was quite interesting. It appears Bernie and Ted ran into reality.”
“ You said that with a sense of certainty. What do you know that I know not? Did you learn something in DC?”
“So an inquiring mind wants to know,” he said a smile bringing a slash of white to his leathered face.
“Yes, I thought about our conversation during the week and it occurred to me that if we as a nation are sliding into a change, and your Likening our change to Rome, if not an Emperor who or what then, will be the controlling factor.?”
“ Follow the money trail. That will take you to the source of power.”
“No names then?”
“You wouldn’t appreciate it if I told you. You might not even believe me.”
Where does one start?”
“Wirth corruption, of course. Keep in mind that political power is like a narcotic. Those who have the power will do questionable things to keep it. They need fixes. Those who do not have it but want it will do questionable things to get it. But they are not yet addicted so they haves a wider latitude of behavior. They may still have integrity.”
“Are you saying that those who have political power are addicted to power?”
“ Yes, I am afraid so; either to get more or to keep what they have. Very much like a narcotic”
The man turned his eyes to the river below then turned them on me.” I see that you are considering the truth of my comments. While you do that think of what it takes to subsidize a drug habit. Then you will get an idea of what it takes to subsidize a political habit.”
His blue eyes seemed to smile as they looked at my consideration of his words. Then he turned away and looked again at the river below, his silver haired head nodding gently. “Do you drink or smoke? If yes to that, you have a vague idea of the reality of my words.”
“I understood before he had spoken so I was quick to ask. “You mentioned money trail and you said the last time we spoke that you might provide some names?”
“Here is one: Clinton.”
“Bill or Hillary?”
“Start with Bill.”
“Where do I pick up the trail?”
“ At the Clinton Foundation.”
“Where, when?”
“Here’s a clue. Bill says the Foundation was founded in 2001.No exact date just 2001.”
“ The implication is that it was founded after any wrong doing that occurred in 2011”
The curled lips of annoyance and a shake of the head of the eighty year old man made me feel slow on the uptake. “Anything else. ” I said. “What don’t I know?”
His smile said a lot.
“It was founded in 1998,” he said, and by the time 2011 rolled around there was over $25 million dollars in the coffers.”
He stopped talking then seemed to think for a moment. “That’s enough for now. But remember, it is all about money.”
He started to rise then paused midway up, His eyes staring at a faraway place not visible to my eyes.
He straightened up then turned to walk away. “I must go now. If you are really interested, perhaps we can talk again. Have a great day.”
My dog sensed it was get- up time and rose ready to resume our walk. “And you too. Perhaps we can meet again next week.”
“Perhaps so.” He said walking briskly in the opposite direction. Then he stopped and turned around. “I will make it a point.”